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HP Tarot – 3 S Sorrow


cucumber, limes and jasmine,

cucumber, limes and jasmine,

HP Tarot – 3 S Sorrow
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2008


"As the four elements move into the 3s, we see the results of the 2s meeting and interacting. There is a sense of consolidation of opposites and a sense of now being able to "get on with it". The 3s also are aligned with the planet Saturn, the planet the ancients associated with time, with limitations, endings and the boundaries of the solar system. If you connect three points for the first time you have a figure where a boundary encloses a finite space. So the association is very approproate.

Air and the Intellect do not fare so well at being tripled up. The clash of two conflicting ideas has left us confused and we feel pain at having to overcome old and comfortable attitudes or having them destroyed for us. The card may also signify a betrayal that leaves us helpless and in pain, there may be a broken trust or a painful truth to face. The traditional card shows a thrice-stabbed heart...

I wanted to show the sharp daggers of the dissecting mind going to work on something beautiful (but ephemeral) and just leaving destruction in their path. Moonflowers are some of the most stunningly beautiful but also transitory flowers I know - they bloom for only one night, their scent reminds me of cucumber, limes and jasmine, and the plant that bears them is poisonous inducing hallucinations. Cutting through beautiful and intoxicating beliefs may be painful and leave nothing much to look at in its path, but ultimately I believe the card teaches a thing beyond grief: the truth will set you free!

The whole thing could be a still-life out of Snape's potions lab."

Image title supplied by the artist.


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