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HP Tarot – 2 C Love


HP Tarot – 2 C Love

“I am posting the pips as sets of four showing the permutations of each element as it reaches the next stage. Roughly defined Wands stand for Fire and for a person’s will and spirit, Cups stand for Water and the emotions and soul, Swords for Air and the intellect and rational thought, and Disks represent Earth and the body and physical being.

In the 2s, each of the element gets doubled up, i.e. it gets to react to a similar impulse. For Cups we have two sparks of emotion and with a bit of mutual attraction going on we end up with love as the meaning of this card.

In a spread the card signifies happiness in love, sensuality, harmony and erotic attraction, the seeker usually looks for completion in union with someone else and the 2 of Cups may point to an important positive encounter and may end up in love and partnership.

No, I don’t believe that you can mix love in a bottle, but I needed something that involved two cups or glasses, and so a few drops of amortentia for two champagne drinkers seemed just like the ticket. Incidentally the two glass flutes actually were a wedding present for my husband and me.”

HP Tarot – 2 C Love
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2008


Image title supplied by the artist.


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