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HP Tarot – 2 W Domination


HP Tarot – 2 W Domination

“I am posting the pips as sets of four showing the permutations of each element as it reaches the next stage. Roughly defined Wands stand for Fire and for a person’s will and spirit, Cups stand for Water and the emotions and soul, Swords for Air and the intellect and rational thought, and Disks represent Earth and the body and physical being.

In the 2s, each of the element gets doubled up, i.e. it gets to react to a similar impulse. For will this means that two impulses clash and immediately there will be a struggle for which one will win out. No one likes to be pulled in different directions at the same time, so very soon one drive wins out over the other.

When drawn, the 2 of Wands signifies determination, drive and activity, but also impatience, aggression and a tendency go headfirst through walls, feeling competitive and ready to pick a fight with anyone and everyone.

The image is kind of obvious – two dueling wizards, the wands nicely serve as – well, wands – and I even got me a bit of fire element in there as well.”

HP Tarot – 2 W Domination
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2008


The artist uses the image of two wizards engaged in a duel to illustrate the tarot card of "Domination."

Image title supplied by the artist.


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