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headdress, Billywig propeller, Wrackspurt siphon, Dirigible plum, Lovegood house (DH20)

Artist NicoPony


He turned away from the window and his gaze fell upon another peculiar object, standing upon the cluttered, curved sideboard: a stone bust of a beautiful but austere-looking witch wearing a most bizarre-looking headdress. Two objects that resembled golden ear-trumpets curved out from the sides. A tiny pair of glittering blue wings was stuck to a leather strap that ran over the top of her head, while one of the orange radishes had been stuck to a second strap around her forehead.
‘These are the Wrackspurt siphons – to remove all sources of distraction from the thinker’s immediate area. Here,’ he pointed out the tiny wings, ‘a Billywig propeller, to induce an elevated frame of mind. Finally,’ he pointed to the orange radish, ‘the Dirigible Plum, so as to enhance the ability to accept the extraordinary.’


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