Dougal McGregor

Dougal McGregor was a Muggle farm boy with whom Minerva McGonagall fell madly in love at age 18. Dougal proposed to her and she accepted. However, having seen the heartache and loneliness her mother endured as a witch married to a Muggle, Minerva the next day told Dougal she could not marry him and left for London (Pm).

Dougal later married the daughter of another local farmer, and started a family with her. Tragically they were all killed in a random anti-muggle attack during the first period of Voldemort’s reign of terror (PmP).


Muggle wife and children



Farmer, set to inherit his father's farm.

Dougal McGregor
Gender Male
Species / Race Muggle
Blood Status Muggle
Profession Farmer
First Introduced Pm1.7.1


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