Ministry of Magic and the Wizard's Council

Eric Munch

Eric Munch

Eric Munch was a watchwizard who worked in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic.

When Harry visited the Ministry for his hearing on August 12, 1995, a watchwizard named Eric was on duty. Eric is described as “badly shaven” and wearing robes colored to match the ceiling of the Atrium, peacock blue. He seems particularly adept at reading a newspaper. He used a long golden rod to scan Harry, weighed and measured his wand, and sent him on his way (OP7, OP9). Although his surname is not stated, it seems likely that this is Eric Munch.

Eric is mentioned in the Daily Prophet as being the watchwizard who apprehended Sturgis Podmore for trying to force his way through a top-security door on August 31 of that year:

Sturgis Podmore, 38, of number two, Laburnum Gardens, Clapham, has appeared in front of the Wizengamot charged with trespass and attempted robbery at the Ministry of Magic on 31st August. Podmore was arrested by Ministry of Magic watchwizard Eric Munch, who found him attempting to force his way through a top-security door at one o’clock in the morning. Podmore, who refused to speak in his own defence, was convicted on both charges and sentenced to six months in Azkaban (OP14).

Eric Munch
Gender Male
Species / Race Wizard
Distinguishing Features Badly shaven
Affiliations Ministry of Magic
Profession Watchwizard


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