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Loxias, a dreadful fellow, once owned the Elder Wand after killing Barnabas Deverill. He was defeated by one of two wizards, Arcus or Livius, and the bloody history of the wand stops there (DH21).

He gave the wand the name ‘the Deathstick’, and used it to slaughter anyone who stood against him (TBB).

Other canon notes and references

According to Dumbledore's notes, "many claim to have finished him off, including his own mother" (TBB), but Xenophilius Lovegood says that either Arcus or Livius killed him (DH21). Arcus and Livius are probably just the two most likely or well known candidates.

Gender Male
Dates fl. early-mid 1700s
Species / Race Wizard
Wand One time possessor of the Elder Wand


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