Mrs. Granger

Hermione Granger’s mother, a Muggle dentist.

Mrs. Granger
Gender Female



Rowling on Hermione's parents and the way they named their daughter:

"[Hermione's name] just seemed to suit her somehow. It's a name from Shakespeare. It's in 'A Winter's Tale'. Although my Hermione bears very little relation to *that* Hermione, but it just seemed the sort of name that a pair of professional dentists, who liked to prove how clever they were ... gave their daughter a nice, unusual name that no-one could pronounce! I mean, parents do that! And I did want in, in truth, I wanted quite an unusual name for her because I think there are quite a lot of girls like Hermione, I was a girl like Hermione, and I, it crossed my mind as I was writing that without ever, knowing that I was ever going to be published, that if I ever was published I didn't want to give her a common name, you know, just in case somewhere out there, there was a Jane with big front teeth who was really swotty and annoying. Just thought, just thought that might not be a good idea." (NPC)

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