The Lexicon

Differences Between the UK and US Editions of OP

Editor: Edward Olsen
Special thanks to Phyllis D. Morris for her work as well

First occurs on page: US UK Page
1 yellowing; the use yellowing – for the use 7
2 around round 8
5 Mrs. Number Seven Mrs Number Seven opposite 10
11 punching bag punchball 15
35 Arthur’s just Arthur has just 37
36 weirdos’ prison weirdo prison 38
39 forward forwards 40
61 baseboard skirting board 59
65 Sorcerer’s Stone Philosopher’s Stone 63
66 while whilst 64
70 well shut of him well shot of him 68
76 leaned leant 73
83 a split second later within a split second 80
83 “That’d come off, though,” ‘That’d come orf, though,’ 80
104 stopping puking stopping themselves puking 98
119 eating his chops eating his chop 110
125 dumpster skip 115
126 stop his eyes from watering stop his eyes watering 117
127 short queues of wizards were forming short queues were forming 117
156 up close close-to 142
157 mashed potatoes mashed potato 143
160 assigned set 146
188 “Who’s Hufflepuff?” ‘Who are Hufflepuffs?’ 171
213 judgment judgement 193
217 person who was stared at person who is stared at 196
218 he’s a madman he’s mad 197
219 was turner paler was going pale 197
222 Hogsmeade weekend in October Hogsmeade weekend, which was to be in October 201
225 schedules timetables 203
227 spirits up peckers up 205
235 cracked trusting Snape cracked to trust Snape 212
239 replaced by: Course Aims: 1. replaced by the ‘Course Aims’. 1. 216
248 “Have a biscuit,” she repeated impatiently, indicating a tartan tin of cookies lying on top ‘Have a biscuit,” she repeated impatiently, indicating a tartan tin lying on top 223
257 reviewing revising 232
275 you’ve gotten you’ve got 247
279 candy wrappers sweet wrappers 251
279 chink of sunlight ray of sunlight 251
307 approve approve of 274
307 August 30th 30th August 275
309 dunces who get D’s dunces who get a “D” 277
311 “T?” asked Hermione, looking appalled. “Even lower than a D? What on earth does that stand for?” ‘”T”?’ asked Hermione, looking appalled. “Even lower than a “D”? What on earth does “T” stand for?’ 278
328 had gotten had got 294
328 second nanosecond 293
342 Sorcerous Stone. Sorcerer’s Philological Stone. Philosopher’s 305
350 Tournament — The knowledge that all Tournament — knowing all 312
353 stone slide stone slide like a helter-skelter 314
452 lamps burst into light torches burst into flame 400
452 looking dreamy as always looking as dreamy as usual 400
453 what Nargles were what Nargles are 400
468 bangs fringe 414
483 “Wotcher. We’re Wotcher,’ she said, ‘we’re 427
486 (Unliftable jinxes, hexes, and incorrectly Unliftable jinxes, hexes, incorrectly 429
486 scrofungulus) scrofunglus, etc. 429
498 it’s really good skiing’s really good 440
501 except that it said things like “Do it today or later you’ll pay!” every time he opened a page except that every time he opened a page it said aloud things like: ‘Do it today or later you’ll pay!’ 443
503 the foot’s space the foot of space 445
505 with the knowledge or consent of it’s owner, had had a similar Enlarging Spell put upon it as the Weasley’s old Ford Anglia; with the consent of it’s owner, had been enlarge with a spell like the Weasley’s old Ford Anglia had once been. 447
506 walnut satsuma 447
512 potted plant pot plant 453
526 There was more retching from downstairs, followed by a horrible spattering sound. there was a retching sound from downstairs, followed by a horrible spattering noise 465
529 he headed off to the library to pick up Ron and Hermione before their afternoon lessons, walking in a rather bouncy way himself. he virtually bounced off to the library to pick up Ron and Hermione before their afternoon lessons 467
543 Augustus Rookwood Algernon Rookwood 480
546 potted-plant pot plant 482
593 having gotten having got 523
610 Minister of Magic Minister for Magic 537
610 positioned on either side positioned either side 538
636 review revision 561
648 again at once, rigid again, rigid 571
648 but Sirius said, “Locomotor mortis!” and Snape keeled over again at once, rigid as a board. but Sirius said, ‘Petrificus Totalus!’ and Snape keeled over again, rigid as a board. 571
651 Career Advice Careers Advice 574
651 study schedule revision timetables 574
652 schedule timetable 574
654 review revise 576
654 trapped inside, traipsing trapped inside, revising, traipsing 576
658 studying revision 579
682 turned left, and ran along it turned left and run along it 601
703 studying revising 620
706 study habits revision practices 623
708 theory exams theory papers 625
709 next summer that summer 625
721 No fewer than four Stunners had shot from the figures around the cabin toward Professor McGonagall. The figures around the cabin had shot no fewer than four Stunners at Professor McGonagall. 636
721 Professor Tofty, who seemed Professor Tofty, who also seemed 636
721 she looked luminous, illuminated by an eerie red glow, then was lifted she looked luminous and glowed an eerie red, then she lifted 636
722 Hagrid, his voice carrying clearly Hagrid; his voice carried clearly 636
724 notes stacked three-and-a-half feet high three-and-a-half-feet-high stack of notes 639
769 security man watchwizard 678
769 sure that their sure their 678
804 Neville spun himself around Neville span himself around 709
815 And then Harry’s scar burst open and he knew Then Harry’s scar burst open. He knew 719
815 light had flown light flew 719
815 snake had struck snake struck 719
845 active once more once more active 745
851 your dad’s mate a mate of your dad 750
857 end-of-term feast end-of-term leaving feast 755
857 end-of-term feast Leaving Feast 756
858 the other the other of the pair 756
864 squeezed into Hogwarts uniforms squeezed into Hogwarts uniform 761

copyright 2003 Edward Olsen, used by permission