• Event May 1-2, 1998 The climactic final showdown between the side of good and the side of evil. Hogwarts castle was damaged in this battle and fifty people died defending it, including Fred Weasley, Tonks, Lupin, and Colin Creevey. The Death Eaters enlisted giants, Dementors, and Acromantulas to fight for… Read More
• Headlines and advertisements “BEAST TAMER NEWT TO WED!” was a headline in an issue of the magazine Spellbound: Celebrity Secrets and Spell Tips of the Stars! erroneously reporting that Newt Scamander was engaged to be married to Leta Lestrange (CG). Leta was, in fact, actually engaged to Newt’s brother Theseus. This was unbeknownst to… Read More
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The inspiration for this podcast comes from several places. A recent Alohomora episode was all about Percy Weasley. In the comment section for that podcast I read a comment made by username BloodCharm. BloodCharm was talking about Percy’s falling out with his family, stating that… Read More