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West Siberian Plain (3) Západní_Sibiř

West Siberian Plain (3) Západní_Sibiř

Location of the 1809 Quidditch World Cup and the Attack of the Killer Forest (Pm)
West Siberian Plain “Západní Sibiř”

West Siberian Plain (3) Západní_Sibiř
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File:Západní Sibiř.png
Created: 4 April 2010
Western Siberian plain on a satellite map of North Asia
Asia_satellite_orthographic.jpg: created by NASA derivative work: Hanzs - Asia_satellite_orthographic.jpg
A composed satellite photograph of Asia in orthographic projection This is NASA "Blue Marble" image applied as a texture on a sphere using Art of Illusion program. The observer is centered at (40° N, 85° E), at Moon distance above the Earth. This modification describes boundaries of West Siberian Plain (red line).

Image title supplied by the Lexicon staff.


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