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Post office

We have run into a number of post offices, both wizarding and Muggle:

A Muggle post office on the town square in Godric’s Hollow, that is darkened when Harry and Hermione walk by on Christmas Eve, 1997 (DH16)

The only wizarding post office we ever hear of is in Hogsmeade where at least three hundred owls, from Great Grays to tiny Scops (“Local Deliveries Only”), wait to carry messages. They sit on shelves that are color-coded, depending on how fast you want your letter to get to its destination (PA8). It is also referred to as an “owl office” (PA22).

A Muggle post office in Ottery St. Catchpole, where Molly Weasley once bravely used the telephone to order taxis, so her family could get to Kings Cross Station (GF11), and where Ron probably placed his call to Harry that was, er, slightly less successful (PA1).


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