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Not the least interesting thing about Harry’s possessions is that it is possible to make a virtually complete list of them. This is because he starts with nothing but the blanket he is wrapped in. His material poverty is contrasted with Dudley Dursley’s conspicuous consumption, both literal and metaphorical. Though… Read More
• Clothing Harry wears glasses. They were frequently broken by Dudley over the years before Harry shipped off the Hogwarts for the first time, and they are wrapped with tape. After his glasses were damaged by his first trip by Floo Powder, Arthur Weasley repaired them for him with a silent Mending… Read More
• Character Olive Hornby was a Hogwarts student in the early 1940s. She teased Myrtle about her glasses, but regretted it later when Myrtle was killed and came back to haunt her (CS16). Read More