• Incantations Densaugeo is the incantation of a spell which causes the victim’s teeth to enlarge grotesquely. Read More
• Source Harry, Ron and Hermione apparated to the old Quidditch World Cup campgrounds, Ron having been splinched in the process. Hermione treats Ron’s injuries and they set up camp, whereupon Harry has a vision of Lord Voldemort interrogating Gregorovitch. He realizes that Voldemort is searching for something Gregorovitch… Read More
• Diseases and healing Dragon Pox is a disease which afflicts wizarding folk. While the disease can be very serious, even deadly, lesser cases can clear up by themselves. Symptoms of Dragon Pox In its initial stages, sufferers notice a “nasty green and purple rash” between the toes and begin sneezing sparks (DP3). At… Read More
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This is no moot point. Quite contrary to what many a reader may think, duels such as those in the Harry Potter books are not frequent in fantasy literature. That is so because it’s very difficult to convey to the audience or to the readers the precise impression of a… Read More
• Character Ariana Dumbledore was the younger sister of Albus and Aberforth – Albus’s junior by four years, Aberforth’s by one.  At six years old, she was attacked by three muggle boys and was severely traumatized by the event.  Her father, Percival, was imprisoned for seeking revenge on the boys.  As a… Read More
• Character Kendra was the mother of Albus Dumbledore.  After her daughter Ariana was attacked and traumatized by muggle boys, and her husband Percival went to Azkaban for seeking retribution, Kendra moved the Dumbledore family to Godric’s Hollow and devoted herself to taking care of the sickly Ariana. Because Kendra was trying… Read More