• Character Hambledon Quince was a wizard who has published a theory that wizards originate from Mars and Muggles from mushrooms (JKR, WoM). Read More
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For many years, fans spent most of their time online trying to figure out the mysteries in the Harry Potter books. In fact, the Lexicon was born out of those discussions back in 1998, when the group Harry Potter for Grown Ups was a hotbed of theorizing and hypothesizing. Back then, there was no Read More
• Character Harvey Ridgebit was a Dragonologist famous for catching a Peruvian Vipertooth and establishing a Romanian dragon sanctuary (JKR). The sanctuary where Charlie Weasley works is likely the dragon sanctuary that Ridgebit founded. Read More
• Character Daisy Hookum wrote bestseller My Life as a Muggle after giving up magic for a year. She was married to celebrity gardener Tilden Toots. Read More