• Magical effects Candle Magic is a minor spell for igniting candles and making them float in midair. Read More
• Common items In the absence of electric lights, candles are often used as a light source. Read More
• Common items A chandelier is a light fixture with many separate bulbs or candles for emitting light. A number of chandeliers are used at Hogwarts and elsewhere in the wizarding world. Read More
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When Harry has finished recounting the story of his experience in the Chamber of Secrets, and Dumbledore has dismissed everyone else from his office, he asks Harry to have a seat.  He thanks Harry for the loyalty that called Fawkes to him in the Chamber, then opens the discussion… Read More
• Quote “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”… Read More
• Spells A corporeal Patronus is a fully-shaped spirit animal conjured with the Patronus Charm (OP8, OP16). The Patronus Charm is extremely difficult for most witches and wizards, so a corporeal Patronus that takes the form of a living animal is rare and shows great magical ability (Pm). An “incorporeal patronus”… Read More