• Event Harry Potter has his first date with Cho Chang. They have coffee at Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop and Harry’s tactlessness causes a misunderstanding. Harry then meets Hermione at the Three Broomsticks where he finds her sitting with Rita Skeeter and Luna. Harry agrees to be… Read More
• Character Romilda Vane was a Gryffindor, two years behind Harry Potter at Hogwarts, who went to great lengths to try to win his heart. She had dark eyes and long, dark hair. Romilda made it very obvious in her fourth year that she was pursuing Harry Potter (HBP7). Among other… Read More
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Socks are closely related to a major, if not the major, theme in Harry Potter, namely Things Are Not What They Seem. The sock is a humble, even comical, garment, necessary but often unattractive and the archetypal boring Christmas present. J K Rowling, while getting full comedy value out of all this,… Read More
• Character Violet Tillyman was a witch who was famous for apparently vanishing in the Floo Network after a row with her husband Albert. Her disappearance caused a national scare in which people stopped using the Floo Network for fear that they, too, would vanish. In reality, she had simply ended up… Read More