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As part of our quest for the possible meanings of ‘hallows,’ Lexicon friend Bandersnatch kindly agreed to assemble some information for us. The result is an excellent essay which gives us some context for the new book’s title. Enjoy: The Grail Hallows and Harry Potter… Read More
• Character Hereward was a mad wizard who locked his own father Godelot in his cellar, stealing the Elder Wand from him and leaving him to die (TBB, DH21). He lived in medieval times (TBB).  … Read More
• Character Helga Hufflepuff was the founder of Hufflepuff House and one of the co-founders of Hogwarts, described as one of “the four greatest witches and wizards of the age” (along with the other three founders) (CS9). She was much more accepting than the other founders, advocating for accepting… Read More