• Ministry of Magic The Department of Mysteries is one of the departments of the Ministry of Magic. The witches and wizards who work there research the mysteries of life and living, and their relationship to magic. Personnel Head unknown Other Personnel Broderick Bode: “Unspeakable”, deceased January 1996 (GF7,… Read More
• Hogwarts academics Divination is magic which attempts to foresee future events. Many in the wizarding world consider this branch of magic to be imprecise at best. There are several types of Divination. The most imprecise is what is commonly known as “fortunetelling,” and this is what Trelawney teaches at Hogwarts. The second kind… Read More
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A theory as to the nature and functioning of Divination as a magical art…  Divination is almost always misunderstood as “predicting the future”. Yes, it certainly is meant to do that, but successful Divination does not predict the raw future. Divination really predicts a future based on events that are currently happening outside of the wizard’s or witch’s… Read More