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What about Ginny? Although she figured prominently in the plot of CS, everything she did happened “off camera” and she didn’t really show up until her One Big Scene at the end. Who is she really? Is she just an “extra” or simply a stereotype, thrown in for decoration or for… Read More
• Ministry of Magic The Goblin Liaison Office is part of the Being Division within the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, with the difficult task of being responsible for goblin relations. Read More
• Glossary To “play gooseberry” is a British idiom meaning to be an unwanted third person when two other people, particularly two who are having a romantic relationship, wish to be alone together (Oxford English Dictionary). Read More
• Character Grizel Hurtz is the “Agony Aunt” of the Daily Prophet and one of the experts featured on the Problem Page (DP3). Ms Hurtz advised lovelorn witch Lilith Molesby about the drawbacks of using a Love Potion to force a wizard to be in love with her. She recommended a course… Read More