• Character Inigo Imago was the author of the book The Dream Oracle which is used as a textbook in fifth year Divination class at Hogwarts (OP12). Read More
• Books and Literature Intermediate Transfiguration was the required textbook for Transfiguration for third, fourth, and fifth year students at Hogwarts (PA4). (We know that Harry had to buy a copy for third-year Transfiguration but did not need a new Transfiguration textbook in his fourth or fifth year, so we deduce that the… Read More
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(Just for fun, here’s one fan’s concept of what a Wizarding Muggle Studies textbook might be like…) Travel and space Understanding Muggles perceptions of how the world connects up is a big problem for wizarding people. We have to let go of a lot of our assumptions to grasp how… Read More