Her father, Robert McGonagall, is a Muggle and a Presbyterian minister. Her mother, Isobel McGonagall, is a witch. They name her after Isobel’s grandmother, who was a skilled witch (Pm). Read More
She is sorted into Gryffindor, although the Sorting Hat takes a long time to decide into which house, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, she should be placed. After more than five minutes of deliberation, the Hat places her in Gryffindor (JKR, Pm). Read More
McGonagall, a very talented Quidditch player, is fouled during the Gryffindor versus Slytherin match which decided the Cup. She suffered a concussion and several broken ribs. From this incident Minerva developed a lifelong passionate desire to see Slytherin defeated in Quidditch (Pm). Read More
McGonagall was unhappy at the Ministry and when offered a big promotion, she instead sent an owl to Hogwarts asking if she might be considered for a position at the school. She was offered a post and took it immediately. Read More
Minerva McGonagall disguised as her cat Animagus arrives outside the home of the Dursley family on Privet Drive early in the morning of November 1, 1981. At half-past 8 a.m., Vernon Dursley leaves his driveway and notices a tabby cat reading a map on the corner near his house, which made… Read More
The fifth years take the practical portion of their Astronomy O.W.L. On the grounds below, Umbridge and others go to sack Hagrid, who fights them off and runs out the front gates carrying Fang. McGonagall tries to intervene on his behalf, is Stunned and taken to St. Mungo’s (OP31). Read More
With Dumbledore’s death, McGonagall, the Deputy Headmistress, takes over as Head. Unlike what happened when Umbridge became Head the previous year, the Head’s office allowed McGonagall to enter. Her first duty was to arrange for Dumbledore’s funeral, for which she solicited advice not only from the Heads of Houses but… Read More