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"Ancient Runes Made Easy"

Page editor: Belinda Hobbs

The following is a transcription of "Ancient Runes Made Easy", a book on the bottom shelf in the Links bookcase.

The Runes are all fictional creations from the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling, and do not represent actual ancient rune symbols. Designs on the tiles are simplistic designs of magical creatures that can be found in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, except for Hydra (9), which refers to a creature from Greek mythology, and Unknown (7), which refers to the mysterious magical properties of the number seven and almost certainly the Horcruxes of Lord Voldemort.

Demiguise (0)
The Demiguise's ability to make itself invisible is used to symbolise zero.

Unicorn (1)
The Unicorns single straight horn is used to symbolise the number one.

Graphorn (2)
The Graphorns two long sharp horns are used to symbolise the number two.

Runespoor (3)
The triple headed Runespoor is used to symbolise the number three.

Fwooper (4)
The different colour varieties of the Fwooper are used to symbolise the number 4.

Quintaped (5)
The five club footed legs of the Quintaped are used to represent the number five.

Salamander (6)
The maximum number of hours a Salamander can survive out of fire is used to symbolise the number six.

Unknown (7)
The symbolic meaning of the number seven is yet to be uncovered.

Acromantula (8)
The eight eyes of the Acromantula are used to symbolise the number eight.

The Hydra's nine heads are used to symbolise the number nine.

Note minor punctuation error: Demiguise's (0) & Hydra's (9) use an apostrophe, but Unicorns (1) & Graphorns (2) do not.


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