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May 30, 2004


It’s Memorial Day weekend and we’re camping for a few days. Every year, this weekend marks the beginning of the time when my schedule settles down quite a bit and I get a lot more time to work on the Lexicon. A few years ago, I created both the Bestiary and the Atlas over a Memorial Day weekend. I’m not nearly as ambitious this time around (partly because I’m reading the second Artemis Fowl book and enjoying it immensely). But I’ve done a lot of additions and edits in the last day or two, so I’ll try to list some of them here:

  • Games and Sports – I did a lot of editing of this page, which was really quite out of date, and added notes on Gobstones, Wizard Chess, and Wizard Dueling.
  • Daily Prophet – As I mentioned below, I’ve been adding information from The Daily Prophet newsletters from Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter Fan Club. I realize that most of you, like me, had never heard of these newsletters, so I’ve added a page where I give some more details about what’s in each one. If I can get permission from Bloomsbury, I’d love to reproduce the entire newsletters here; stay tuned for more on this. In the meantime, I’ve detailed the first of the newsletters on that page.
  • new material has been added to the Strictly British page, several of the spell encyclopedia pages., and the Abbreviations page.
  • I’ve finally gotten around to updating the Quidditch section of the Lexicon. Pretty much all of the Quidditch Handbook is finished, including the new Encyclopedia of Quidditch, which lists terms, fouls, plays, and other information.


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