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Here it is, at last, the Lexicon commentary page on the latest WOMBAT test from jkrowling.com. All day today, Belinda, Lisa, and I have been passing this document around, adding our notes and observations and comments and having a great time doing it. We hope you enjoy reading our commentary, whether you do so before or after taking the WOMBAT test.

Just to be clear, we don’t claim to have the ‘correct’ answers. In fact, you’ll quickly see that we don’t even agree on many of them. It’s just that we get all geeky when new canon like this comes out, and well, we thought you’d like to have a chance to listen in, since we know you get just as geeky about this stuff as we do.

Do take everything I (Steve) say with a grain of salt, though. After all, I was outscored by almost everone I know last time around.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Lisa

    Librarians never cheat, Steve. You should know that.

    We did it! It only took a day so I’m glad Jo wasn’t timing us.

  • Alex

    Umm… I thought you did one of these in the last one and Jo told you to take it off. Do you just want her to send you another email? lol. I’m not saying it’s bad what you did, just seems like a bit of a waste of time…

  • Love your comments 🙂 let me do my short commentary too, please 😀

    Q1: Inferi can’t speak. In the cave scene, they are hurted, flamed and no one pronuncies nothing. The Hags thing I think it is only something that some part of the poblation believe, but not true.

    Q2: I like Steve’s comment about Myrtle and the water. I didn’t think on that.

    Q5: In 1612, Yardley Platt was already dead from time ago. I think that the issue is the one of the wands. I agree with all you that the goblins will have more importante in HP7 :):):) ¡RAGNOK! Very suspicious his apperance in HP5.

    Q7: I would LOVE to know the false answer because the rest would be canon!

    Q10: We should consider that this is a poll for the UK, where the environment isn’t the best (Jo said herself in her website!). If the poll would be here in Spain, it would be maybe 3% or 33%, but in UK, 93% or 53% is my option.

    Q12: I can’t believe Wizengamot has proof of pure-blood status, so we can consider the other 3 canon.

    Congrats for your commentary, HPLEX!

  • Jo

    if you look at question 5 in this test all except the Yardley Platt answer have a question mark – this made me think that it couldn’y be yardley platt because all the others are questions and yardleys was a statement

  • Cath

    I thought that Q.10 re Weather-Modifying Charms was a trick question – the figures were collected by the Comittee for Experimental Charms. Is it possible they rigged the figures as they are in favour of Weather-Modifying Charms? 🙂 Just wondering if 3% was the answer here as there may be an agenda at stake.

  • No Alex, you’re very much mistaken.
    Jo did not ask us to take down the WOMBAT and commentary last time, it’s still right here.
    We would not intentionally post something we know Jo would not approve of! I’m a bit hurt that you would suggest that.

  • Bandersnatch

    On the “three most indispensible items in case of danger” question, I went with Moody (well, Crouch, really) in GoF and listed the three things he showed Harry in his office: Sneakoscope, Secrecy Sensor, Foe Glass.

  • sstabeler

    I chose hand of glory,instant darkness powder and broomstick for the indispendible items question, as youwould mount the broom, throw the instant daekness powder around, and use the hand of glory to light your way as you flee.

  • Starling

    Does anyone else get this idea that we’re not actually supposed to know the answers to a lot of these questions, but that this is just Jo’s way of giving us new clues?

  • Lisa

    Starling, I think that’s very astute. However, I’m sure red herrings abound, too.

  • Neville

    I chose both the Sneakoscope and the Foe Glass. There’s nothing better than knowing in advance, when danger is approaching. Though thinking about it, the Foe Glass would probably be better, since the Snekaoscope only rings when somebody is there. But I would find both more useful, than a Potions making Kit.

  • Pat Pat

    I chose the broomstick, invisibility cloak, and Peruvian instant darkness powder as I was thinking along the lines of hinding and escaping when in trouble. But I’m a little confused, Steve, that you chose a Potion making kit and not a cauldron. You make an excellent point (which I totally agreed with) about not having time to brew a potion when in trouble, yet still chose the potion making kit! And would the kit be any use without a cauldron?

    As far as the items that fake Moody mentions in GF, they DO seem useful, but he admits that they can be fooled, as well as the fact that they pick up minor annoyances (like students lying about their homework).

  • John D.

    On the question about complaints about Hogwarts classes on a 100 year period don’t you think History of Magic would be a good answer? Almost nobody learns a thing in that class, and Binns has been there for a really long time.

  • roonwit

    I agree with Starling that the questions do contain new information that could be clues, the problem is though that those clues are rather unclear without us knowing what Jo considers is a good answer.

  • Starling wrote:

    Does anyone else get this idea that we’re not actually supposed to know the answers to a lot of these questions, but that this is just Jo’s way of giving us new clues?

    Maybe. I also wonder if she just wants us to realize that all our theories are based on canon facts that can either take more than one plausible direction, or simply have too much missing info. 😉

    I think she’s preparing us for the final book not going the way many of expect it will.

  • For the one about the giants… Maxime and Hagrid are both half giants, correct? But isn’t Maxime BIGGER than Hagrid? Leaving me to believe that female giants are bigger than male giants.
    My $.02 but it might not be correct info. 😛

  • Carlos

    well, there was a part on book 5 where Hagrid went where the giants lived and said that the leader seemed to be the biggest of them all, and he was male.

  • Reader2

    There is no way that I believe that “three most indispensible items in case of danger” question had just one coreect answer.
    On many other questions I thought that I would’ve known the answer if I had read “Fantastick Beasts” or the “DAily Prophet Newsletter”, but now that I see that the authors of this site had struggled with all the same questions, that theory is out.
    Obviously, JKR had played a joke on all her fans yet again.

  • Kacky Snorgle

    Heather: In the GoF film Maxime is much taller than Hagrid, but in the book Harry says their heights are within an inch of each other. I’d assume that Jo is going by the books, not the films–and I suspect that she actually included that option on the WOMBAT for the purpose of throwing off people who’re thinking of the movie!

  • xray

    Regarding the three most indespensable in case of trouble, I think some people are ignoring the question. We’ve got to assume that trouble is already hear. The Secrecy Sensor, Foe Glass, and Sneakoscope are all trouble detectors. What good are they if trouble is already upon you?

    I chose Invisibility Cloak (rather obvious), Broom is two fold… if you have to escape individually or to quickly get to someone else who is in trouble, and lastly Floo Powder. What if you’re at home with the children? How do you get them out? Floo Powder would be indispensable!

  • xray

    On Question #3 (which is most dangerous) Lisa comments: “MOM rating unknown” with respect to Dementors but clearly the Lexicon has them classified as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

    Is that a “guess classification”? I thought Lexicon only dealt in facts.

  • Canon facts, yes xray, you’re right. But also plenty of whimsy, humour and commentary (see the WOMBAT grade 2). There is no Ministry classification above XXXXX so certainly that many X’s should be sufficient to show the we are making commentary. 🙂

  • Carlos

    where do we have to submit our password after the answers are out?

  • Carlos, I suspect that the WOMBAT student ID card will return to the desk top when it is time.
    We’ll be sure to post about it the moment it’s available!

  • Wintermute

    On Question 14, “Reparo” is a spell, not a magical invention. I took this to be a trick question and picked Broomstick, because the others all had Muggle equivalents (Camcorders, Wrinkle-free Clothes and Chemical Cleaners) and airplanes and helicopters don’t FULLY duplicate the effects of a Flying Broomstick. I could be wrong though…

  • You have convinced me with the Maxime thing 🙂

  • Pat Pat

    Question. I missed the first WOMBAT. Did JKR ever tell us what the “correct” answers were, or did she just assign grades, leaving us to make educated guesses about the answers based on our grades?

  • roonwit

    We never found out what the right answers were. I hope Jo is going to give us a bit more info once the wombat series comes to an end.

  • Laurel

    Thanks to Pat Pat and roonwit. I was going to ask that very same question.

    Steve, I can’t believe anyone scored higher in the first Wombat than you. What did you get? I got an “E”. I’m not sure I’m going to do as well on this one — you guys’ commentary and the people commenting here give me a lot of food for thought.

    But I agree with El Cronista de Salem about the Inferi — if they could speak, they would have been screaming with the fire.

    (Waves to XRay)

  • Pat Pat wrote:
    or did she just assign grades, leaving us to make educated guesses about the answers based on our grades?

    lol That’s about it. The problem was, I didn’t remember any of my answers. 😀

  • Estin

    Just another comment for question #8: I chose (b) after thinking about Stan Shunpike’s arrest and imprisonment. It seems that a major concern for the Ministry was to keep up an image of productivity concerning Voldemort et al., even if they weren’t getting anywhere. If they were mainly concerned about maintaining an image of progress, it would make sense that the wizarding community would be most concerned about the action taken by the MOM against Voldemort et al.

    Thanks for the commentaries!

  • Estin

    Oh, and regarding the indispensable objects, I didn’t choose the broomstick or Floo powder, because those are only useful in certain settings (e.g. not useful in a small room that doesn’t have a fireplace). I thought some of the objects would be more universally useful in all “dangerous” situations, so I thought that the invisibility cloak and the peruvian instant darkness powder would be really useful (esp. since the darkness powder can’t be penetrated with “lumos”). As for the last thing, I don’t know. Maybe secrecy sensor? I think I remember Slughorn using that as his alarm when Dumbledore came to call on him in the beginning of book six.

  • Carlos

    for indispensable objects, i chose that stuff that allows to travel back and forth in time, cause that way you know what happens in the past and future, and one knows what to do in the present to the best of advantages

  • Wintermute

    As far as I can tell, the Inferius in the cave were only enchanted to attack whoever attempts to seize the Horcrux. I think that Ol’ Voldie would not have wasted time giving them instructions to scream when hurt. Since they only do the bidding of the Dark Wizard that enchants them, I don’t think that a lack of sceaming in the cave scene proves anything.

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  • Jean

    #7- Steve, those heads on the wall in Grimmauld place were those of beheaded house elves. They might well have lived to be 200 had their evil masters not murdered them. Kreacher seemed old
    as dirt to me and hadn’t he served at least a couple of generations of Blacks? He is, unfortunately, still going strong too. I’ll be interested to see what the Hogwarts elves think of him, and how they deal with him.

    “Allegiance” implies, at least to me, something or someone to whom you have sworn the utmost loyalty and devotion. While Kreacher was forced to follow the orders of whoever owned him, he was quite obviously loyal and devoted to the nasty evil Blacks. Does this mean that they are more loyal to the
    “house”, as in The Noble House of Black, than an individual who may not adhere to the family values?

    I thought about “Can’t be ordered to kill themselves”. Did Sirius mention anything about being unable to order this, or why he didn’t just cap Kreacher? Something in my dull brain tells me this may have been mentioned in OP. I wondered if it were a magical impossibility or if house elves were just simply worth so much and are such status symbols that the evil wizards who might do this, wouldn’t (unless, of course, they were about to die anyway).

    In the end, I chose B. although I kept second guessing and, thus, confusing myself on the issue of Kreacher being “bequeathed” to Harry along with the house and all the other possessions.

    (According to the Lexicon, hem hem, Yardley Platt died well before the Goblin Rebellion in question.)


  • Jean

    shoot! I’m so sorry! I posted this in the wrong Pensieve the first time. I didn’t mean to! (begging forgiveness!)

    #14- I don’t think there is a way to duplicate “FULLY” the effects of any of these. However, broomsticks are basically single passenger craft (possibly can ride two children or adult and child?). Muggles have those little ultra-lights (I think they’re called that). Certainly not as small and easy to tote around as a broom, but they are small and light and can fly a single person where they need to go, fairly quickly.

    Would “reparo” be considered a magical invention? It’s a spell. I think of magical inventions as items. Oddly, on this question, I chose “Self-ironing robes”. Yeah, probably a dumb answer, but the closest thing we muggles have are wrinkle free wash and wear clothes which, while nice, do not give the same crisp neat result as ironing.

    I’m thinking that I’m thinking too much!


  • Northerner

    I thought that #9 had the obvious answer of c. History of Magic since Professor Binns probably have been around “over a 100 year period” and is very effective in setting his pupils in a dooze, not really listening (with some exceptions like Hermione). This leads to that the young wizards cannot learn from history; Harry and Ron seemed almost unaware of how dangerous the Goblins could be when they wondered if Hermione shouldn’t fight for their rights like the house-elves (OP). No one of the commentators, however, considered that alternative. At least CMC and DADA have had competent teachers sometimes during the 100 year spann and MS probably too.

  • Katherine

    most school uniform in the UK are non-iron so i said ‘reparo’. also, for the Complaints over a 100 year period, i put binns as he has been dead ages and was boring long before that. for the recent St. Mungo’s question, I thought it would be nosebleed nought.

  • katie

    For #9 I put Muggle Studies because alot of pure-blood parents think that there is no reason for it. I remember Malfoy saying something about it back in one of the books.

    Also, for #15 Airplanes it out because they have broomsticks, floo powder, flying carpets, etc…Car…That is out for debate but the Knight Bus, it is never said that it wasn’t Wizard made, and I think that it is, with its speed, unable to be seen by Muggles, and other enchantments…Telephone, even though Ron didn’t know how to use it, there are still two-way mirrons, fireplace communication, etc. Television and Computer threw me for a loop. We haven’t seen either on in the Burrow, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, or even Hogsmade. And you would think that either one of them would have been menioned in trying to find information about the Dark Lords ware-abouts on the Wizarding News so…I went with Computer, because I too thought of the pictures moving as a kind of television. Just a thought though

  • mandy

    i copied and printed out the student # for the wombat test and when i enttered it it still says invalid. any suggestions??

  • Katherine

    Mandy, the q’s ang g’s are confusing. check u copied it right.

  • 7. Which of the following statements on house-elves is FALSE?
    b. A house-elf’s allegiance is foremost to its house (rather than to the inhabitants of the house)

    I think that Dumbeldore says in “Will and Wont” that Harry inherited 12 Grimmauld Place and THEREFORE, Kreacher. This could imply that he came with the house or with Sirius’s possesions.

  • Lisa

    Jean, Regarding Yardley Platt, my reasoning was that Platt’s killings enraged the Goblin community and that it later festered into war. However, I no longer think this was the answer because it wouldn’t be “still unresolved.”

  • Jean

    Lisa, the “still unresolved” part of that question tripped me up too, as I didn’t pay enough attention to the wording. At least I thought it did. I’m thinking there must have been multiple answers to many of the questions. I took the test “blind” on one try, and with the help of the Lexicon on the second. Both results came back “Outstanding” even though many of my answers were different (yes, I saved them… I must have a Hermione gene in me somewhere). How many answers could we miss and still get Outstanding, does anyone know?

  • Jean

    OH and on the Computer vs TV question. Wasn’t Jo asked if Harry used computers. I seem to remember her answering that he had no need for them because the Wizarding world had so many other ways to get information. On that question, I chose Television.

  • Isabel Nunes

    I got Exceeds Expectations. Given my awful lack of knowledge regarding details, is it possible that everybody gets the same for just answering the test, just like Fred and George believed (I’ve always thought Fred and I should’ve got “E” in everything becausewe exceeded expectations just by turning up for the exams)(OotP)

  • Pat Pat


    JKR was asked that question and answered on her website that, if you received a grade of A or higher, you really earned your grade. Apparently she has a pretty complicated grading system for these. Perhaps you are more knowledgable than you think!

  • Isabel Nunes

    Thanks, Pat Pat. I quickly realized I was wrong when other people revealed their grades

  • Paul

    No way everybody gets the same grade. I only got an ACCEPTABLE in grade one, but I cleared an OUTSTANDING in grade two. But I felt really stupid the whole time I was answering questions. I’m just glad to hear that Belinda, Lisa and Steve guess as much as I do.

  • Paul

    I had meant to include this in my last post: I wonder if the reason we don’t see the “correct” answers is that they have so much to do with book 7. Obviously, I’m not the first to think of this, but be sure when 7 comes out, I will be checking the Lexicon’s archived W.O.M.B.A.T.’s to see what might have been revealed, foreshadowed or hinted-at…

  • Kelcey

    Hi Belinda, Steve, and Lisa,

    I was reading your commentary on the wombat, and for about half the questions, I put a different answer, and I got “Exceeds Expectations”. Which would lead me to believe that there is in fact more than one right answer(if all of you did well). Did all three of you do well??

  • Hi Kelcey!
    Yes, I’m happy to tell you that we all did well. Steve and I received E’s and Lisa got an O!
    We too believe that there are not simply right and wrong answers, but several choices that earn a varying number of points. We never claimed to know anymore than anyone else, as I hope was evident in our lighthearted commentary. 🙂
    Congratulations on your score!

  • Jean

    Belinda, yes I thoroughly enjoyed the light hearted commentary and was sitting here laughing and thinking “YES! I thought that too!!” and “oh my gosh, I’m going to get a troll… how humiliating” and “yes, I agree… umm.. okay well I agree with her too… well heck Steve makes a great point too… so how are we supposed to know these things?? AARRGH!” I literally guffawed over the reason to choose Parchment. I love things that surprise laughter out of me!

  • Rory

    Alas, I was too late to sign up AGAIN. But never mind, I’m answering the questions in my head, and -in my mind- I have an O xD

    Question 4, though; seems to me that the answer is most firmly ‘ghosts’. Sir Nicholas says that “I would not know. I have never died.” about what death is like, and in Chamber of Secrets we know that a ghost can’t ‘die’ AGAIN. So my guess would be that ghosts (rather than the actual wizard) are the amortal ones.

  • Pat Pat


    I think you are referring to Voldemort/Tom Riddle who said, “I would not know. I have never died.”(GoF34) Nick simply states that he cannot answer Harry’s questions about death because he chose to remain behind rather than move on.

  • Kelcey

    hi everyone,

    I noticed some people were asking about when the next test will be. If you read your award, it says the 3rd and final exam will come in a few months’ time. yay!

  • Alex

    No Alex, you’re very much mistaken.
    Jo did not ask us to take down the WOMBAT and commentary last time, it’s still right here.
    We would not intentionally post something we know Jo would not approve of! I’m a bit hurt that you would suggest that.

    Okay, sorry for the misunderstanding. I searched the archives and it was the archive of the test you were asked to remove, not the commentry. 😉

  • Danny

    Hi, I am pretty new to the JK Rowling and her fan websites. I only have read her books until very recently, when I just typed in JK Rowling.com, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me what canon means, because I have no idea on what it means. 🙂

  • Hi Danny! Welcome to the Lexicon and the Wizarding world of JKRowling. 🙂
    You can find our definition of Canon here: Sources of Lexicon information- The ‘canon’.
    We hope that you will explore the Lexicon and find answers to many questions such as this one in our FAQ.

  • arizona cummings

    I want to know the truth to guestion #1.

  • Aditya Yuli Asmara

    Hi….I just want to ask about enter W.o.m.b.a.t. it little bit make me confused

  • toni

    how do you get a w.o.m.b.a.t. student id code?

  • Alex

    yes. how DO you get a w.o.m.b.a.t. student id code.

  • Danny

    Thanks a lot, Belinda! I found your information very helpful and now I am used to all the info used to dictate terms in HP Lexicon now.

  • Kenny

    Hi, it has been a few months time since the last W.O.M.B.A.T. test, and it has still not appeared on J.K.s website. So I think that it will not be December (just a thought that might not be intelligent:))I think that it will probably be the next time Jo updates her webpage.

  • John

    Hi,(got to get to the point) what does the CDMG, APMO, and fdBB mean right after Professor Griselda Marchbanks:?

  • Cynthia

    It may be too late and the answer may be on multiple sites, but I was wondering on how to become a wombat student and get an i.d.

  • Emily

    Hi, I know that this question has been asked one hundred times, but how do you gat a Wombat Id?

  • vaishnavi

    Can you tell me the way to open the w.o.m.b.a.t. will appear next(any ideas?)
    In which version is the w.o.m.b.a.t. applicable????

  • I’m sorry. The test is no longer available.
    It was only operational for a few days while the door was opened. We are still waiting for the door to open again.

  • I know that the W.O.M.B.A.T. tests aren’t out anymore, does that mean that I can’t get a W.O.M.B.A.T. student ID anymore? If I still can, can you tell me? Or do I have to wait until the door with the portkey eraser opens again? I totally missed it the first two times :(.

  • hey! the door is open again and i was able to take the third grade WOMBATS. 🙂

  • Northerner

    I have read that some of those who received an O at this test also got a M.A.C.A.W. which was standing for something about Ministry Approved, I think. Wouldn’t it be good if that certificate also got on the page with the grades, it doesn’t exist a pensive there so I cannot post the proposal there.
    (missed the first test, E in the second and an O in the third)

  • clock_maker

    Hurray I got an O!!!