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WOMBAT Commentary online


Here it is, at last, the Lexicon commentary page on the latest WOMBAT test from jkrowling.com. All day today, Belinda, Lisa, and I have been passing this document around, adding our notes and observations and comments and having a great time doing it. We hope you enjoy reading our commentary, whether you do so before or after taking the WOMBAT test (JKR-W2).

Just to be clear, we don’t claim to have the ‘correct’ answers. In fact, you’ll quickly see that we don’t even agree on many of them. It’s just that we get all geeky when new canon like this comes out, and well, we thought you’d like to have a chance to listen in, since we know you get just as geeky about this stuff as we do.

Do take everything I (Steve) say with a grain of salt, though. After all, I was outscored by almost everone I know last time around.



The W.O.M.B.A.T. tests reformatted: Reddit.com post

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