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Sorting is back on Pottermore!


Sorting is back on Pottermore!

It’s weird how excited I am about this. I mean, I don’t get all worked up about Potter polls or simulated Hogwarts classes or any of that. I’m just get excited about canon, okay? And online sorting hats aren’t canon, even if they’re on Pottermore.

Except, ever since I was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore a couple of years ago, I have honestly considered myself a Ravenclaw. It just seemed right. After all, I created the Harry Potter Lexicon, the hallowed repository of all things canon. I can pass most Potter trivia contests with ease. I own copies of the Daily Prophet newsletters. I’ve pretty much memorized all of Rowling’s interviews from 1999 through 2009. Of course I’m a Ravenclaw, right?

But none of that made it more than my guess. It was Pottermore’s sorting that made it real for me. I’m a Ravenclaw, really and truly.

So it’s very exciting for me to announce that the Sorting is back, and even more exciting for me to discover that I can claim my house and don’t have to be sorted all over again. Because what if I got sorted into the wrong house? That would be so wrong! I don’t have anything against Gryffindor, but seriously …

NB: In order to claim your old House and wand, you do need to “join” all over again. You can’t just sign in without first rejoining.


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