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Trailer for the Crimes of Grindelwald is out and it’s, well, FANTASTIC!


Trailer for the Crimes of Grindelwald is out and it’s, well, FANTASTIC!

The teaser trailer is out and it’s wonderful. We’re given glimpses of oh, so many new places and things — and some well-established things and places as well.

First thoughts, in order:

We’re back at Hogwarts! It’s great to see that lovely view down Loch Shiel again. Who is arriving there in front of the castle where the lawn is supposed to be? I’m guessing the Minister for Magic (which would be Hector Fawley, although according to the description from Pottermore, Fawley lost his job for not taking the threat of Grindelwald seriously. He certainly seems to be taking it seriously in this clip. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to be the same actor as the one who played the Minister in the first film, so maybe it’s the head of the Auror office.

I knew that Jude Law is perfect as Dumbledore the moment he smiled and his eyes crinkled up.

And of course there’s the obvious fact that Jacob is back in the Wizarding world. And we get to see Pickett and the Put Outer again.

That huge domed room with what appears to be constellations on the ceiling could be the Ministry of Magic for France. A dinner is going to happen, judging by the tables.

Is Credence releasing the Obscurial within him on the rooftop?

The white cliffs of Dover, which face toward France. Are they about to Apparate across? Is there some advantage to getting as close as possible?

That has to be a kelpie. It’s got kelp all over it.

Oh the circus! Our view in this clip is outside the tent, in the middle of a French city, presumably Paris. The sign has been translated into French for this venue: Le Circus Arcanus — Musee des Curiosites Vivantes. Then we’re inside and there’s something very interesting inside that big cage. Too bad we can’t see what it is.

An angry fellow smashes that little ball cage thing and we get a quick cut to a portion of a building blowing up. Not to worry, we learned in the first film that Aurors can fix smashed buildings quite easily. There’s someone standing in that building, apparently causing the explosion. It actually looks a lot like Graves from the costume, but I’m guessing it’s Grindelwald.

And a Thestral coach appears to fly out of a skyscraper. I’m guessing by the sinister look of the whole thing that it’s how Grindelwald escapes from the Woolworth building, which is headquarters of MACUSA. And I’m not just basing that on the fact that Lego just released images of one of their new Wizarding World sets called “Grindelwald’s Escape” which includes a black carriage pulled by a Thestral, but that does pretty much verify it. Read all about the new Lego set here: LEGO Fantastic Beasts’ Grindelwald´s Escape. Looks like we’re going to get a duel between Grindelwald and Picquery. Grindelwald doesn’t look nearly as sinister as a minifig.




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