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HP Tarot – 5 C Disappointment


HP Tarot – 5 C Disappointment

“While the 4s are all about consolidation, the 5s are about an eruptive breaking of moulds. The stability of the 4s grows unstable, and if we were comfortably settled with the previous cards we now go through a certain amount of pain and insecurity at having to adjust. The 5s are under the auspices of Mars whose somewhat violent energy is very appropriate to the dynamic of these cards.

In the realm of emotions the erosion of security causes us disappointment. We had set our heart on something, now it’s proved elusive. The card signifies disillusionment, farewells, separation, sobering insights and at worst despair, sorrow and depresssion. With this card we are sometimes our own worst enemy as negative wishes surface and find fulfilment or we even despise and mistrust our innermost feelings.

For an image I chose a scene from Snape’s potions class. The expectations are all written out on the blackboard, but in front are the pathetic results from the students – one even managed to break his vial in the process. The disappointment on Snape’s side will be muted – he has no illusions about his pupils, but he will make sure that they feel mightily disappointed themselves. All it takes is a good tongue-lashing and an avalanche of homework…”

HP Tarot – 5 C Disappointment
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2008


As the artist explains, the illustration of this tarot card with the sample potions
Snape's students turn in at the end of class prove a "disappointment" to the professor.

Image title supplied by the artist.


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