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HP Tarot – Princess of Swords


HP Tarot – Princess of Swords

Nymphadora Tonks, Princess of Swords

HP Tarot – Princess of Swords
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2007


"Nymphadora Tonks is the last of my Sword court cards, with her mum being Andromeda Black she nicely rounds out the Black family. She has her own rebellious streak, refusing her first name, subbornly insisting on marrying a werewolf and ultimately meeting a violent death.

Again my own idea of Tonks proved stronger than the rather dark and glum goth they chose for the movie. I found my perfect model with stock from :iconakai-hinoiri:.

She has just the kind of pixie-ish and impish punk-girl look I always imagined for Tonks. Again I haven't given her the symbol of her suit to hold, but put the sword behind her in the Black family crest on a banner. Instead she uses her wand to conjure her patronus."

The artist uses more copy for this particular card regarding her reason for using Tonks, as well as her description of Tonks in her mind's eye and how she appears on the card.

Image title supplied by the artist.


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