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HP Tarot – 3 D Work


HP Tarot – 3 D Work

“As the four elements move into the 3s, we see the results of the 2s meeting and interacting. There is a sense of consolidation of opposites and a sense of now being able to “get on with it”. The 3s also are aligned with the planet Saturn, the planet the ancients associated with time, with limitations, endings and the boundaries of the solar system. If you connect three points for the first time you have a figure where a boundary encloses a finite space. So the association is very appropriate.

Now that we have materials to work with, well, we work. In a sense the card teaches us to accept the limitations of our physical existence and then set out to transform them and to make of them the best we can. Our work will be successful and recognized. We can harvest the fruits of our labor and we will attain full self-realization. It will be a strenuous time of dedication and focus, but at the end we will accomplish the results we strive for.

No better analogy came to mind for this card than the great work of the Alchemists – to transform lead into gold and the self from gross matter into a spiritual being. So I chose a fictitious window at Hogwarts showing the three basic elements of Alchemy – Mercury, Sulphur and Salt and around them the seven planets signifying the basic metals of gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead.”

HP Tarot – 3 D Work
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2008


The artist uses the Hogwarts windows, illustrated with symbols, as the background for her "work" tarot card. She has created several tarot card images with Harry Potter themes illustrating them.

Image title supplied by the artist.


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