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Sharon Akins

Hello Steve

Are you still revamping the Lexicon? I was looming at Hermione's eye color. I am actually looking for the eye colo of a numbet of characters. I am doing the giant Harry Potter cross stitch from clouds factory for a friend. The pattern has all the major characters through all the books and has all their eyes black. However I was going to use the Lexicon to find all their listed eye colors so that I could make it unique for my friend. Whrn I looked at the Hermione page I was greeted by errors. Thanks for the help!

monica vasquez

i wasn't/am not sure where to email, but i was wondering about getting permission to use the drawing of Sybill Trelawney for a worksheet that i use with my students?


Hi Steve,

LOVE the Lexicon :)

However, the Master Timeline stops working once you try to go to page 31+

Are we able to adjust this?! I am dying to see the rest of the timeline.

Thanks so much