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Ready for Battle


Ready for Battle

(DH31) Ron, Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Tonks, and Aberforth before the beginning of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Ready for Battle
Artist Ottowl


This is an illustration of this scene from DH31:
Harry turned and saw Ginny and Tonks, both with their wands drawn at the next window, which was missing several panes. Even as he watched, Ginny sent a well-aimed jinx into a crowd of fighters below.

“Good girl!” roared a figure running through the dust toward them, and Harry saw Aberforth again, his gray hair flying as he led a small group of students past. “They look like they might be breaching the north battlements, they’ve brought giants of their own.”

“Have you seen Remus?” Tonks called after him.

“He was dueling Dolohov,” shouted Aberforth, “haven’t seen him since!”

“Tonks,” said Ginny, “Tonks, I’m sure he’s okay—“ But Tonks had run off into the dust after Aberforth. Ginny turned, helpless, to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

“They’ll be all right,” said Harry, though he knew they were empty words.

Image title supplied by the Lexicon staff.


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