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Henry Shaw Jr.

"He's been mentioned as a future president - and if you don't believe me, just read his daddy's newspapers -"
-- Announcer (WFT)

Henry Shaw Jr. was a United States senator from New York in the 1920s. He was killed by an Obscurus at a campaign event in 1926 (WFT).

In 1926, Senator Shaw was working on his campaign for reelection. He was meeting with his father about this when Langdon interrupted and introduced the Barebones. Senator Shaw openly derided the Barebones for their beliefs, and he picked on Credence in particular (WFT).

Senator Shaw died at a glitzy high society event at New York's City Hall, where he was the keynote speaker. He was speaking about achievements and aims of the prohibitionist movement when Credence Barebone's Obscurus interrupted. The obscurus killed Senator Shaw and destroyed a campaign sign bearing his picture and the slogan "AMERICA'S FUTURE" (WFT).


Senator Shaw was elder the son of newspaper magnate Henry Shaw Sr., who used his business to help support his son's political ambitions (WFT).

Senator Shaw also had a younger brother, Langdon Shaw (WFT).


Henry Shaw Jr. was a charismatic and successful politician. He could also be quite cruel to those he considered "freaks" (WFT).

His father's wealth and media influence also aided in Senator Shaw's success (WFT).

Henry Shaw Jr.
Gender Male
Dates fl. c. 1920s, d. late 1926
Species / Race Muggle
Blood Status Muggle
Other Names Senator Shaw
Profession U.S. senator


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