Tobias Snape

“He doesn’t like anything, much.”

--Severus Snape on his father, Tobias (DH33).

Tobias Snape was the Muggle husband of Eileen Prince Snape and father of Severus Snape (HBP13, HBP30). Tobias was verbally and possibly physically abusive towards his wife and son, and the memory of his abuse and the Snapes’ generally unhappy homelife in the run-down Spinner’s End neighborhood of Cokeworth stayed with Severus in adulthood (OP26, Pm). Tobias and his family were quite poor, and he and his wife may have been neglectful toward Severus (DH33).

Other canon notes and references

Tobias's marriage to Eileen was announced in the Daily Prophet, as was the birth of their son Severus (HBP30).

Tobias Snape
Gender Male
Dates fl. 1960s
Species / Race Muggle
Family Groups Snape family
First Introduced OP26


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