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Dominique Weasley

Dominique Weasley

Dominique Weasley is the middle child of Bill & Fleur Weasley (YL).


Mother: Fleur Delacour (1997-)
Father: Bill Weasley (1970-)
Siblings: Victoire and Louis Weasley

Dominique Weasley
Species / Race Wizard
Blood Status Pure blood
Family Groups Weasley family



While fans assume that this child is a girl, and that does seem likely, there is nothing in canon to verify gender. The name is actually unisex and could belong to either a boy or a girl (Dominique on babynames.com). A notable example of a male with that name is Dominique Wilkins, a professional basketball player.

Even Pottermore's artists make this assumption, as shown in the Weasley Family Tree they posted.

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