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Septimus Weasley

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The Harry Potter Canon

Septimus Weasley is the father of Arthur Weasley.

Cedrella Black's marriage to Septimus Weasley caused her to be "blasted" from the Black Family Tree (see BFT and my notes).

Septimus Weasley
Gender Male
Species / Race Wizard
Blood Status Pure blood
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Distinguishing Features Unknown
Wand Unknown
Patronus Unknown
Profession Unknown
Family Groups Weasley family



Weasley="In Britain and Ireland the weasel has a bad reputation as an unfortunate, even malevolent, animal. However, since childhood I have had a great fondness for the Family Mustelidae; not so much malignant as maligned, in my opinion." (JKR) This genus includes weasels, stoats, polecats, ferrets, mink, wolverines, badgers, skunks, otters, and others.

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