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Wilbert Slinkhard

"Well, I'm afraid it is Mr Slinkhard's opinion, and not yours, that matters within this classroom, Miss Granger."

--Dolores Umbridge (OP15).

Wilbert Slinkhard was the author of Defensive Magical Theory, a dull and heavily theoretical Defence against the Dark Arts textbook that favors more passive responses to dark forces (OP9, OP12, OP15, OP17, OP29). In chapter 15, Slinkhard claimed that counter-jinxes are improperly named, because he believed that “counter-jinx” was just a name given to jinxes to make them sound more acceptable (OP15).

Other canon notes and references

Hermione Granger disagreed with Slinkhard's assumption that jinxes are simply bad (OP15).


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