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Zamira Gulch

"In the meantime, might I suggest using nails to hold your pictures in place?"
-- Zamira Gulch (DP3)

Zamira Gulch

Zamira Gulch was the author of Practical Household Magic. She also wrote for the Problem Page of the Daily Prophet (DP3).

Ms Gulch specialised in readers’ everyday magical problems and advised a witch who could not get her Fixing Charms to stick. She suggested better concentration while performing charms and an ingenious Muggle solution (DP3).

Zamira Gulch
Gender Female
Dates fl. 1990s
Species / Race Witch
Affiliations Daily Prophet
Profession Journalist and author



The name may come from Almira Gulch, the Kansas alter-ego of the "Wicked Witch of the West" in the film version of The Wizard of Oz (Wikipedia).


Although the date printed on the third Daily Prophet Newsletter (DP3) is 1 June 1999, the timeframe for this event is 1992-1993.

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