She is trapped in 1402 for a couple of days. When the Ministry researchers manage to retrieve her, her body ages centuries on her return and she dies shortly thereafter in St Mungos. The effects of her disruption of the time stream are severe. Twenty-five people in the present simply… Read More
Ariana Dumbledore’s out-of-control magic accidentally killed Kendra Dumbledore during “one of [Ariana’s] rages,” when Ariana was only fourteen. (DH28)  This happened right after Albus Dumbledore graduated from Hogwarts, and led to Albus becoming Ariana’s primary caretaker, in lieu of his plans to do a world tour with Elphias Doge. Read More
Angry that his brother is neglecting their fragile sister for his new friend, Aberforth confronts Albus and Grindelwald about their plans to leave Godric’s Hollow and make their mark on the world. Grindelwald tells Aberforth he just doesn’t understand, and then uses the Cruciatus Curse on the younger boy. Then a… Read More
Ariana Dumbledore, sister of Albus and Aberforth, met her accidental death during a three-way duel between the brothers and Gellert Grindelwald (DH35). According to an interview given to Rita Skeeter by Bathilda Bagshot, the brothers had a “dreadful coffin-side brawl” during the funeral in which Aberforth bloodied Albus’s nose,… Read More
Following the 1892 Sasquatch uprising, MACUSA moved its headquarters from Washington to the newly built Woolworth Building in New York City (Pm). When the building was under construction, wizards joined the construction crew. Thanks to these undercover wizards, the Woolworth building was not only a building for No-Majs, it also… Read More
The Tutshill Tornados Quidditch team were dominant over the British and Irish Quidditch League in the early 1900s and had a record-breaking five consecutive League Cup wins. They were captained to all five by their famous Seeker, Roderick Plumpton (QA7). Read More
Spavin is the Minister for Magic and had been for almost forty years. He is 145 years old at this point and his behavior is becoming a little erratic. He attends the funeral dressed in an admiral’s hat and spats. The Wizengamot decides after that incident that he should retire,… Read More