• Hogwarts castle and grounds • Rooms, chambers, and floors • Wizarding places Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom is an out-of-order girls’ bathroom on the second floor. It is the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets and home to the ghost of Myrtle Warren – “Moaning Myrtle“. Upon his first visit to Myrtle’s bathroom during his second year, Harry’s opinion is that… Read More
• Character Myrtle Elizabeth Warren was a Ravenclaw student in the 1940s who was killed by the basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets. She became the ghost known as Moaning Myrtle. Read More
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Did Moaning Myrtle ever find out that it was Hagrid that was accused of being responsible for her murder? I know she was intent on haunting Olive Hornby for a while after her death. But, it was 50 years before Hagrid’s name was cleared. Did Myrtle ever wonder how… Read More
• Character Moaning Myrtle is a ghost who haunts a toilet in a girls’ bathroom on the first or second floor of Hogwarts castle. She is a squat ghost with lank hair, pimples, and thick glasses. She seldom smiles and takes offense at the least excuse, crying rivers of tears and wailing. Read More