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Master Timeline

Master Timeline

Timeline of Events

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Ancient Egypt and Greece – 3000 B.C. – 100 A.D.
This is an era of Muggle/Wizard cooperation; many political and religious leaders were witches and wizards.

Growing distrust and prejudice – 100 – 1692 AD
Muggles begin to fear wizards. Some try to manipulate their magical brethren for their own gain. At the same time, the wizarding community persecutes and marginalizes the goblin and house-elf populations

Early years – 100-1100

Hogwarts is founded

Middle years – 1100-1300

Crisis builds to a climax – 1300-1700

By 1700, prejudice and mistrust has built up to the point where the world wizarding communities decide together to withdraw from public view. The Statute of Secrecy is signed, the Ministry of Magic is formed, and wizards go into hiding.

The Modern Era

The Rise of Grindelwald – 1900 – 1945

Calm between Wars – 1945 – 1960

The Marauders and the Rise of Voldemort – 1960 – 1981

Voldemort in Hiding – 1981 – 1990

The Second Rise and Defeat of Voldemort:

1991-1992 – including all of Harry’s first year (PS)

1992-1993 – including all of Harry’s second year (CS)

1993-1994 – including all of Harry’s third year (PA)

1994-1995 – including all of Harry’s fourth year (GF)

1995-1996 – including all of Harry’s fifth year (OP)

1996-1997 – including all of Harry’s sixth year (HBP)

1997-1998 – including all of Harry’s seventh year (DH)

The Next Generation – 2017-2025

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