Atlas of the Wizarding World
Atlas of the Wizarding World

Atlas of the Wizarding World

Atlas of the Wizarding World

Over the last twenty years, many amateur and professional cartographers have undertaken the difficult task of mapping the magical world which coexists with the mundane world we all know. Some of these maps are extremely detailed, others are more general drawings showing the relationships of various places and things to each other. The Atlas of the Wizarding World is by no means exhaustive. In some cases, more than one map or chart are presented showing the efforts of different artists to capture the elusive magical places in our world.

The Atlas consists of four main sections:

The Atlas of Wizarding Britain

The Atlas of Hogwarts

The Atlas of Quidditch

The Atlas of Magical Creatures

Each of these Atlases will grow as additional maps are created or discovered.



The maps in the Atlases come from a variety of sources. Some were drawn by me or by other fan artists over the past two decades, using a variety of graphic programs and tools. Others were created by professional artists to accompany the release of films or Potter-related merchandise. Some are closer to canon representations than others -- typically those associated with the films or games are very far from canon, while those created by fan artists are probably as close to canon as it's possible to get, considering that canon consists of text, not graphics. None of them are actually canon, however. They're all fan artwork, whether created by professionals or amateurs.

The exception, of course, is the map of Hogwarts and environs drawn by Rowling herself. Clearly this map is canon.

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