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Aunt Petunia’s kitchen

Aunt Petunia’s kitchen

Aunt Petunia’s kitchen is always spotless. There is a large square table (before taking up boxing, Dudley took up one whole side when he sat down to eat, which was usually). Aunt Petunia sits near the window so she can look out at Mr. and Mrs. Next Door (PA1). A television was added to the room so that Dudley didn’t have to walk from the living room to the kitchen to get food from the refrigerator and miss any of his TV shows.

breakfast includes:
bacon & eggs (Harry cooked it on Dudley’s birthday) (PS2, CS1)
quarter of a grapefruit, unsweetened (GF3)
toast (CS1)

served to Aunt Marge (PA2) included:
tea (Ripper the Bulldog lapped his tea from her saucer on the floor)
brandy (quite a lot of that, too)
lemon meringue pie
wine (quite a lot of it)

served to the Masons (CS2) included:
after-dinner mints
ice cream
roast loin of pork
sugared violet pudding

served to Harry instead of what everyone else got
canned soup (stone-cold) (CS2)
two slices of bread and a lump of cheese (CS1)

Dudley’s favorites (PS2, GF3)
chocolate bars
large chocolate ice creams
fizzy drinks
knickerbocker glory

Dudley’s diet (GF3)
cottage cheese and grated celery
fruits (including grapefruit)
vegetables (including carrot sticks)
other stuff that Uncle Vernon considers “rabbit food”


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