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Ministère Des Affaires Magiques Headquarters

CG Spoilers SPOILER ALERT - this page contains information from the new film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Don't continue reading if you don't haven't seen the film. Protect the secrets!

Ministère Des Affaires Magiques headquarters was the central location of France’s Ministère Des Affaires Magiques, or the French Ministry of Magic.

As of 1927, the Ministère Des Affaires Magiques headquarters was located underground in Paris and had a beautiful Art Nouveau-style interior (CG).

The main floor of the headquarters had a typing pool and a reception area with a domed glass ceiling decorated with images of constellations. The headquarters also contained a mailroom and a forest-like records room accessed from an atrium via large doors that looked like trees (CG).

When Newt Scamander was detected in the headquarters, the portraits lining its walls all turned into pictures of Newt while an alarm alerted people to his presence (CG).


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