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Melusine was a French witch who lived in, and previous to, the 1920s. She worked at the French Ministry of Magic in the Records Room Archives.

She is described as “a very old woman” who permits Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein into the archives when they claim to be Leta Lestrange and her fiance.

When the real Leta Lestrange arrives, Melusine realizes something is wrong and returns with her Matagots who, despite some losses, manage to chase the intruders from the archives. (CG)




She can control Matagots who guard the archives from intruders

Gender Female
Dates fl 1920s
Species / Race Human
Blood Status Unknown
Distinguishing Features very old woman
Profession Archivist - French Ministry of Magic



Melusine or Melusina is a figure of European folklore and mythology whose legends are best known in Northern France, Luxembourg and the Low Countries. She is a female spirit of fresh water dwelling in a sacred spring or river and as such is often depicted as mermaid-like but also with wings and two tails.

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