Love and friendship

Knocking Out A 12-Foot Mountain Troll


The importance of friendship is a common theme in the Harry Potter series.  When Ron calls Hermione a "nightmare" for showing him up in their Charms lesson on Halloween of their first year, she overhears him and skips her next class and the Halloween feast in favor of crying in the bathroom.  When Quirrel interrupts the feast to announce the presence of the troll in the dungeons, Harry convinces Ron to find Hermione and warn her with him.  Unfortunately, they accidentally lock the troll in the bathroom with Hermione, and when they hear Hermione's scream, they frantically unlock the door and attempt to confuse the troll before using the just-learned Levitation Charm to knock it out with its own club.  Ultimately, the experience (and being caught immediately afterward) bonds the three for good.


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