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If You’ve Got Enough Nerve


Ginny attributes her (very Gryffindor) perspective to having grown up with Fred and George.  As shown by their generous gifting of the Marauder's Map to Harry, the twins do encourage their friends to think outside the box, when it comes to pursuing their dreams, e.g. going to Hogsmeade.  However, Ginny deserves some credit here as well, as she is the Weasley with both the nerve and the perceptiveness needed to observe that Harry needs help and offer to help him.

This mindset could reasonably be revised to suit the other three Hogwarts Houses as well:

  • Anything's possible if you've got enough ambition.
  • Anything's possible if you've got enough work ethic.
  • Anything's possible if you've got enough intellect.

What it boils down to is that Ginny is strong, and she believes anything is possible, if one has the appropriate attitude.


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