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Do we ever find out what the language of instruction used at Durmstrang Institute is? At Beauxbatons it would have to be French, but although “Durmstrang” sounds German, the Durmstrang students we meet are all of Slavic ancestry as far as we know. On the one hand, German continues to be sort of a “lingua franca”… Read More
• Wizarding culture “Les Non-Magiques” was a French term for non-magical humans (CG). This was one of the names for Muggles mentioned by Gellert Grindelwald when he rattled off a list of such terms while speaking to the pure-blood audience in the underground auditorium in Paris (CG). Read More
• Countries Luxembourg is a tiny European country sandwiched between France, Germany and Belgium. According to Charlie Weasley, Luxembourg’s Quidditch team slaughtered Scotland in the Quidditch World Cup playoffs of 1994 (GF5). Bigonville, home of the Bigonville Bombers Quidditch team, is also located in Luxembourg (QA8). Read More