• Character Wilda Griffiths was a Chaser for the Puddlemere United Quidditch team during the 1990s. Considered to be an outstanding Chaser, Griffiths was lured away from the Holyhead Harpies by a huge fee, much to the chagrin of their talented but dangerous captain Gwenog Jones. She was also said to… Read More
• Headlines and advertisements Wilda wallops the Wigs is a Quidditch article appearing in the Sports section of the Daily Prophet, about Puddlemere United’s robe colour change and their new Chaser signing (DP2). Goals scored by Puddlemere’s new Chaser Wilda Griffiths propelled them to victory in their match against the… Read More
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Banking in the middle ages (which is the basic world in which wizards live) was in its infancy. Its primary reason for existence was to provide safe-keeping, for a price (they took some of your money in exchange for keeping it safe). This could still be the basic mode of… Read More