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Why didn’t Harry talk Parseltongue to the basilisk? Good question. There are a couple of times in the books where Harry seems to ignore the obvious solution. Another great example is when he was stuck in the trick stair, under his invisibility cloak, when the egg was screeching and he dropped the Marauder’s Map. There it lies almost within his grasp, and he… Read More
• Character Masaki Hongo was a Beater on the Japanese National Team at the Quidditch World Cup tournament in 2014. Hongo and teammate Shintaro Shingo were an extremely talented duo of Chasers who made their mark at the 2014 tournament (Pm). Japan won their first match against a relatively inexperienced Polish side. Their… Read More
• Character Clairvius Hyppolite was a Chaser for the Haiti’s National Team at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup tournament (Pm). Hyppolite was the star player on Haiti’s side at the 2014 tournament, responsible for eight of their nine goals during their opening match against the Brazilian national side, although… Read More